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When it comes to solar marketing, there are a few different parts that go into a successful campaign. Trying to do this on your own can be a daunting task. Your best option is to find the right company to advertise solar for you. At AZ Solar, we created a process that quickly drives exclusive and qualified solar leads to your company. We only ask to give us a shot. We are so confident that we guarantee consistent leads each month.

Recent Client Results

Below are actual screenshots taken from our client’s data. The screenshots show successful social media marketing for solar companies.


Setting up your solar marketing campaign

It takes extensive ad testing and ad spend before cracking the code to solar social media marketing. Fortunately, we have done all the work already. You save time and money while we build your solar funnel so you can focus on what matters most, your business and clients.

Before creating your solar marketing funnel, we like to get a better idea about your company and incorporate information beneficial to your campaign. Financing for your solar company, necessary credit scores, tax benefits, and type of solar installation is discussed so we can tailor everything accordingly.

In order to get the most qualified solar leads, we create surveys for your solar Facebook Ad and solar landing page. The reasons for these surveys are:

  1. They contain questions pertaining to your solar installation requirements
  2. They contain specific questions that vet for the most qualified leads
  3. The questions act as a "filter" for serious vs non-serious buyers

We know you are extremely busy and by creating surveys we ensure every solar lead will be worth your time.



Every part of your marketing must be consistent to ensure the highest conversion rate. From ad click to landing page, your marketing strategy will contain a simple user experience. This avoids any confusion a visitor might have. 

Our landing pages are very simple yet powerful. We don't believe in spending thousands on a landing page. We only believe in results, and we have found that simple landing pages have the best conversion rate.

We have extensive experience with solar Facebook ads and we know what works. Instead of spending time and money reinventing the wheel, we have copy that has been successful for dozens of solar companies across the country.

From copy to creative, we have this process mastered. We can get your Facebook ads up running quickly and start bringing in leads within the first month.

We optimize your solar campaigns based on data from our master accounts and data during the first month. Eventually, the cost-per-lead decreases the longer we manage your ad. Solar leads that may start at $50.00 each can go as low as $5.00, giving you multiples more ROAS compared to when starting.

Automated text and email the moment a lead submits a form.

Our solar lead generation ads use software that can be expensive. When you work with us, you have full access to our software integrations and a custom dashboard just for your business. You will be notified the moment a lead submits a form via text or email. The lead is then stored in your CRM for future marketing and email drip campaigns.

Re-marketing to solar leads.

You may not close every solar lead, but you will have information to re-market to them. We have an automated email drip campaign that will be used to "nurture" your solar leads. Leads that expressed interest will be warmer for future phone call and appointments.

Solar appointment setting.

We know you are busy and may not have time to call leads the moment they come in. Instead, we will book your solar appointments for you with our appointment settesr. They will contact the leads and book a time on your Google Calendar, Calendly, or any other software that you use for appointments. They will call your leads up to 12 times until we pass it off to you. This allows you to focus on what you do best, solar installations and running your business.

Why work with us?

Solar Panel Installation marketing

Specialists in solar marketing

We specialize in helping solar companies get more jobs each month.  We understand there are a lot of marketing companies out there and solar is a very unique industry. Instead of potentially wasting time and money with a regular digital marketing company, our solar marketing experts will do it right the first time

A complete system for exclusive, qualified, and consistent solar jobs

Our entire process is geared towards one industry, SOLAR. From Facebook Ad to landing page, every marketing piece is backed by real results from other successful solar campaigns. On-boarding is easy, and we only require a simple questionnaire before starting. Once on-boarded, we can scale the number of jobs you want based on your solar business goals.

Facebook Ads for Solar Companies

Solar leads appointment setting

We understand that you are busy running your business and installing solar panels, so we decided to take the busy work off your hands! Our solar appointment setters will call your leads 2x a day for 10 days, and set appointments for you so you can focus on what matters, running your business and solar installations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

This cost-per-lead can greatly vary, but we provide a GUARANTEE that each exclusive, qualified lead will cost at most $50.00 for residential solar. The cost-per-lead tends to increase in more competitive markets like California, New York, and Texas.


We generally get solar leads for cheaper, but we like to play worse-case scenario. 


On a $1500.00 ad spend budget, we can guarantee at least 30 leads. Our average appointment rates are 30%, and the rest comes down to you and your sales process.

Our management fee depends on your adspend and paid ads platform. The higher the adspend, the more ads, optimizations, and hours we will need to allocate to your campaign. Contact us for a free consultation about investing in your solar company and reaching your monthly installation goals! 

Once we have your campaign running (about 1 week), you can start to see results within the next 1-2 weeks; assuming all ads are approved by Facebook. As you continue to work with us, optimizations and past data will trigger Facebook's algorithm to get you higher quality leads and less expensive leads. 

The S.I.A.F. System includes: Facebook Ads, YouTube Ads, Google Ads, landing pages, surveys, optimizations, and automation.


The solar Facebook Ads we use are proven to be successful from past solar campaigns. We use copy and creatives that we know works and tailor the ads to your company.


Surveys are created based on your solar company's requirements. We also use questions that filter for the best solar leads with the highest conversion rate.


We continuously optimize your ads to get you cheaper and higher-quality solar leads.


You will be on-boarded to our software system for free. The system automatically texts or emails you when solar leads come in. The software logs all your leads into a database that you can review later. For solar re-marketing, you will be able to send emails or texts to nurture your solar leads. Many of our client's do solar email drip campaigns for continued nurturing.


Appointment setting 

This is another service we offer. We know you are busy serving your clients and may not have time call the leads we send. We have assistants that will book the lead for you so you can focus on the things that matter... your solar installations and business!



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