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Arizona based pay-per-click advertising

We offer affordable ppc services for our clients. Whether you already have a campaign running or you want us to build one for you, we are here to help. Our consultative approach looks at the “bigger picture” when it comes to your PPC campaign.

Deep review of your analytics

Our consultants begin with an audit that looks at all of your analytics to understand the data you've collected and the data you're missing. We look for potential optimizations, missed opportunities, and validation that your goal conversion is set up correctly with google analytics.

Using our findings from the audit, we begin to develop a strategy. We start with your campaign goals. Are you strictly looking for conversions and sales or are you looking for more brand awareness and impressions. Once we determine this, we begin keyword research. We preform positive and negative keyword research. We also take a look at your current goal tracking and ensure that you are tracking the right actions correctly. 

Landing Pages

PPC and landing pages go together like peanut butter and jelly. You really can't have one without the other. We take a look at the page your visitor goes to after clicking on your ad. We analyze any metrics being measured like your conversion rate, events and overall user experience. From here we decide if a landing page redesign is necessary. We also create additional landings pages for A/B split testing.

Once we determine the best strategy for your campaign, we begin creating your ppc ads. Each ad will have headlines, description text, and url structure consistent with the keywords associated to with that ad. Consistency is key for higher conversion and the closer we can get your ad to the searcher's intent, the better the conversion rate will be. We continue to collect data over the next couple weeks, making tweaks as we go. Once we collect enough data, we can begin optimizing the ads. 

Our ppc consultants go through the campaign data and make adjustments. Are there keywords that users are searching for with greater buyer intent? Are there negative keywords our ads are showing up for that are not relevant? This stage is about optimization. Our goal is to increase ad quality score, increase conversion rate, and decrease your cost per click. Optimizations continue throughout the length of the campaign.

PPC Reporting with Google Data Studio

We create custom reports using Google Data Studio. This helps makes sense of your data. We want to make sure we are getting a positive return on ad spend and make adjustments if necessary. These reports give you, the business owner, a clearer idea for how well your campaign is preforming. 

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Local and National PPC Services

PPC instantly gives your business a greater presence by placing your business  ad on the first page on the SERPs (search engine results pages). We have helped dozens of clients take their business to the next level using our PPC experts.


Brent Schian


Adam has been terrific! He helped me set up my website and has been running campaigns with Google Adwords for my company which has taken the residential side of my business from almost nothing to BOOMING!… Thank you so much Adam, let’s keep it going!

Why work with our PPC Consultants?

Our goal is to help our clients achieve their business goals. We stay agile by monitoring and adapting to analytics (bids, budget, impressions and clicks) so our client’s can get the greatest ROI.

Extensive experience across different industries

Chances are we have worked with your industry before. We can help guide you on the competitive landscape for your industry and what it will take to get results.

A comprehensive look at your PPC strategy

Google and Bing Ads are only a piece of the PPC pie. We will look at your entire PPC strategy and define opportunities to increase your ROI. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

PPC is an acronym for Pay-Per-Click. It is the process of paying to place your ads in front of customers. You get charged for each click or per views, depending on the platform.

Google Ads Pay Per Click

Google Ads PPC involves placing your website ad at the top position on the first page of Google. You will get charged for each click to the website.

Facebook Advertising

Paid social media advertising involves placing your video or image ad in front of a selected audience's news feed. You get charged based on the amount of times you ad get viewed.

PPC can be an extremely valuable marketing tool depending on your goals. Different industries have different "cost-per-clicks" and this has to be taken into account before diving into PPC. If you are putting in $1 and getting back $10 then of course it is worth it.  If you are a lawyer and it takes $500 to get a client but each client case is $10,000, this makes sense. If you work at a hair salon and it costs $20.00 to get a client for a $40.00 haircut, this might make sense because of their customer-lifetime-value. If you are selling shirts for $10.00 but it cost you $9.00 to get a client, then its not worth it.

PPC also provides results quickly. Many businesses use PPC as a short-term strategy until SEO starts to take affect. However, PPC means you will always be paying for traffic not not getting any organic traffic. If you are looking for long-term organic traffic, we offer SEO services as well.

Clicks and traffic can occur as soon as your ads are running. This means results can be see that same day. When discussing actually conversions, there are many factors that lead to this after the ad is clicked. Landing page design, copy, UI/UX, and testimonials all play an important role once the user is on your actual page. 

We charge an hourly fee to setup your campaign. The setup is the longest step. Once the ads are running we perform weekly optimizations. What you pay us is separate than what you pay Google. You tell us your monthly budget for Google so we don't go pass that threshold. The price per click that Google determines is based on your industry and the competition for that keyword. Each time your ad is clicked, Google will charge you. 

When working with us, you will receive an initial audit on your PPC campaign.  After auditing, we setup your analytics. Then, we begin keyword research and Google ads creation. Finally, your campaign will receive weekly optimizations, and monthly reporting. 



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