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We offer affordable Facebook advertising for our clients. We take a consultative approach to understand your goals and the bigger picture. This is done by looking not only at your ads, but also your copy, landing pages, and audience.

Helping a food caterer become a gourmet food delivery service during COVID-19 with Facebook Ads

Facebook Ad For Catering Business

Why Use Our Facebook Ads Services?

Our Facebook ads consultants have extensive experience creating complete Facebook Ads campaigns. From ad creation to landing page design, we will find the best opportunities to get you the highest return on investment.

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Facebook Ads Specialists

Our consultants will audit your current campaign to find areas for improvement. We look at your current audience and help you discover your “ideal” client. From here we recommend content that will jive best with your target audience.

We Use Social Media Advertising Ourselves!

We offer social media advertising to clients because we truly believe it works. So much so, we even use it here at AZ Web Consultants. 

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Expert Facebook Pixel Tracking

Installing your pixel correctly is vital to your Facebook campaign’s success. Our analytics experts will help you create a hyper-targeted audience based on how users interact with your website. By using proper facebook pixel data, we can create specific content to customers at different stages of their journey. This lowers ad spend, and increases conversions.  

Facebook Ads Reporting

We use tools like SuperMetrics and Google Data Studio to help visualize your data. This allows us to clearly see how your campaign is performing and opportunities for improvement. The reports can also be easily explained to CEOs, marketing directors and colleagues. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

We make creatives based on the content you provide, but we do not create custom graphics. For most industries we have a database that includes everything you will need for a successful campaign. If you have photos, videos, and text to work with, we can use this as well. Based on the content you provide us, we can create multiple types of ads, so generally more content is better. If you do not have content, photos, or videos, we use images from our database and images provided by Facebook. 

For most industries YES! Social media marketing is a powerful tool for your business.  Before getting started, we will consult with you about your business goals and if social media is a good fit. A Facebook ads campaign whose goal is brand awareness is different than a Facebook ads campaign whose goal is leads. We will help determine if your money would be spent well here based on your industry. If you want quick brand exposure and powerful data for remarketing, social media ads can definitely help you here and can help boost your business' presence quickly similar to pay-per-click advertising.


Many service based industries can use Facebook lead generation ads to get much cheaper leads than Google. Different social platforms have different audiences though. For example, LinkedIn is better for B2B (business to business) products and services while Facebook and Instagram are better for B2C (business to consumer) products and services. Google Ads wins when it comes to emergency services that someone is actively looking for. Everything crosses over, and essentially most industries can benefit from utilizing multiple social platforms.

Depending on what "results" means to you changes based on your goals. We can probably say you are looking for more traffic, leads, and conversions. Based on your industry, the time to get results may vary. If you are selling a low-cost e-commerce product and we have your audience well-defined based on past data, we can see sales that day. If you are selling higher-ticket items,  we may need to be more strategic. This may require top-funnel, middle-funnel and bottom-funnel content that nurtures your customers over a longer period of time.

Our management fee is dependent on your adspend. The higher the adspend, the more management hours we need to allocate to your campaign. 


For some industries like Solar, Roofing, HVAC, and Landscaping,  we have a flat management fee that includes setting up their entire funnel. These packages include Facebook/Instagram ads, landing pages, surveys, automated email/text and appointment setting for incoming leads. You can learn more about our niche industries here.



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