Local and National Medspa Marketing Services

There are a few different components that go into an effective medspa marketing campaign. Attempting to do this on your own can be challenging. Finding the right company to advertise your medspa for you is your best choice. We built a process at Growth Factor Agency that quickly generates exclusive and eligible medspa leads for your business. All we ask is that you give us a chance. We are so sure of ourselves that we work on a pay by performance, so we only get paid when you get a confirmed medspa appointment.

Pay By Performance Medspa Marketing

We are so confident with our ability to market your Medispa, aesthetics, or cosmetic practice, that we work on a pay by performance basis. Only pay when we get you actual medspa appointments on your calendar.

Setting up your medspa marketing campaign

Before cracking the code to medspa social media marketing, it took a lot of testing. Fortunately, we have already done this through our successful and unsuccessful marketing campaigns. When we build your medspa pipeline, you save time and money so you can concentrate on what matters most: your company and clients.

Before creating your medspa marketing funnel, we take a deep dive into your business and offer. Developing your offer is the first step towards building out your campaign and our team of medspa marketing experts will help you create a powerful, compelling offer.

We know all the right medspa marketing angles, demographics, medspa ads, and messaging to get clients clicking on your ads and scheduling appointments to your medical spa.

We build surveys for your medspa Facebook ad, medspa Instagram ad, and medspa landing page in order to get the most qualified medspa leads possible.

The following are the reasons for these polls:

  1. They ask questions about your medspa treatment.
  2. The questions serve as a "filter" to differentiate between serious and non-serious buyers.
  3. They ultimately save you time by dealing with only the most qualified aesthetics lead.

We know you are extremely busy and by creating surveys we ensure every medspa lead will be worth your time.

To achieve the highest conversion rate, every element of your marketing must be consistent. 

Our landing pages are simple and successful. We don't believe in splurging on a landing page that costs thousands of dollars. We build our landing pages for high medspa lead conversion and only get the necessary information for a high-quality lead. 

Our medspa marketing experts have experience here and we track every user interaction on the landing page with interaction video recordings. This allows us to pinpoint the exact fall-off point and adjust quickly with real-time video data.

We've worked with a lot of medspa Facebook ads and medspa Instagram ads.  Rather than wasting time and resources reinventing the wheel, we have copy that has performed for thousands of medspa owners nationwide.

We have this process down pat, from copy to creatives. Within the first week, we will get your medspa advertising up and running and pulling in quality medspa appointments.

Based on data from our master accounts and data from the first month, we refine your medspa campaigns. The longer we manage your ad, the more data and quality leads we will get. Medspa leads that start at $20.00 will go as low as $5.00, giving you a far better return on investment than when you first started.

Automated text and email the moment a lead submits a form.

Our medspa appointment generation system uses superior software and A.I. technology. When you work with us, you have full access to our software integrations and a custom dashboard to track your business' metrics. You will be notified the moment a lead submits a form via text or email. The lead is then stored in your CRM for future marketing and email drip campaigns.

Proprietary Software 

We have access to proprietary software that does all your follow-up. From reminders, to scheduling, to responding to leads via text, our software will work any leads that did not book an appointment until we get them onto your calendar. Don't waste time and money managing someone to do this for you, our system works daily, following-up with your leads for up to 30 days in the future.

Re-marketing and nurturing medspa leads

You may not close every medspa lead, but you will have information to re-market to them. We have automated email and text drip campaigns that will be used to nurture your medspa leads. Leads that expressed interest will be warmer for future phone calls and appointments. We craft campaigns to capitalize on these "low-hanging fruit" leads.

Medspa Sales Scripts

Getting that lead and appointment is just the first step! Getting them to sit and selling higher packages is really what we want you to do! We solve that problem for you by providing appointment setting and sales scripts. When you succeed, we succeed as well and that is why we created medspa call scripts to ensure you are getting the highest return of investment during the marketing campaign. Our sales script has been tested by some of the greatest marketing leaders in similar spaces like gyms, and medical clinics. It has been used to close pre-paid appointments >80% of the time.

Medspa Database Reactivation

If you have any old leads, current leads, or current client information, we will craft a campaign for your offer and bring your business an ROI before spending a single penny on medspa ads. Most our clients actually get their full return on investment before even launching an ad!

Why work with us?

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Specialists in medspa marketing

We specialize in medspa and cosmetic business owners obtaining additional clients every month. We know that there are many marketing companies out there, and aesthetics are a special industry. Rather than waste time and resources with a conventional digital marketing agency, our medspa marketing experts will get the job done right the first time.

A complete system for exclusive, qualified, and consistent medspa clients

Our entire process is tried and tested for Medspas. From Facebook Ad to landing page, every marketing piece is backed by real results from other successful medspa campaigns. Our onboarding process is simple and straightforward – we create your irresistible offer and fill out a small questionnaire. Once on-boarded, we can get your campaign up and running within 7 days and start getting your medspa appointments the day we launch.

Medspa Case Study

Medspa appointment setting

We understand how time-consuming follow-up, reminders, and rescheduling can be, so we decided to take the busy work off your hands! Our AI medspa appointment setting technology will text your leads and respond to them. The technology will automatically follow-up, remind, and reschedule your leads so you don’t have to hire or manage another employee, and you can focus on what matters, running your medspa.

Become our next case study!

Find out how we can get you more traffic and conversions!

Frequently Asked Questions

This cost-per-lead varies based on your offer and service, but we provide a GUARANTEE on the number of appointments we will generate for you when working with us.

Some campaigns we get leads for <$5.00 and other times we get full bookings for $15-$20.

On a $1000.00 ad spend budget, we are confident we can get anywhere between 50-100 leads. Our average appointment rates ~40%.

Our management fee depends on your custom situation and needs. We can create different packages based on your WIN (What's Important Now) and we can determine that after getting a clear idea of your goals. Hop on a quick consultation so we can learn about you and your business and see if its a good fit! Click Here to schedule.

Once we have your campaign running (about 1 week), you can start to see results within the next day! As you continue to work with us, optimizations and past data will trigger Facebook's algorithm to get you higher quality leads.

The M.G.F. System includes: Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, landing pages, automatic lead follow-up, reminders, nurturing for up to 60+ days, and appointment setting.


We also do reactivation campaigns for any old leads to get you immediate ROI.


You also will get premium support in our facebook group community, check-in calls every 2 weeks, and direct message communication with our  team via Slack (a fast messaging software).


The medspa Facebook Ads we use are proven to be successful from past medspa campaigns. We use copy and creatives that we know works and tailor the ads to offer.


Forms are created based on your medspa's requirements. We also understand  landing page conversions, and create a page with your offer in a format that leads to the most conversions.


We continuously optimize your ads to get you cheaper and higher-quality medspa leads.


You will be on-boarded to our software system for free. The system automatically texts your medspa leads, reminds them, follows-up, and places appointments onto your calendar on autopilot. The software logs all your leads into a database that you can review later. For medspa re-marketing and database reactivation, we send emails or texts to nurture your medspa leads. 



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