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How This Spa Got 130 Leads In 30 Days (On A Low Budget)

Medspa Got 130 Leads In 30 Days

I help businesses grow through systems that generate appointments and sales.


You read that correctly – this spa got 130 leads in 30 days on a low budget! These are the kind of numbers that are game changing for any business


The word “leads” can mean many things. Leads can be anything from a Facebook Lead Ad that autofills your details for name address and phone number, or it can be a full 10 questions survey submission. The form submission leads would be a much higher quality lead due to going through a lot of friction. The spa leads we generated for this client here were leads submitted through a form on a separate landing page to claim a voucher.

Within 24 hours of launching this spas campaign, they got 10 leads and 3 bookings

The client was in shock at how quickly and successfully we generated leads. We were generating these spa leads during the pandemic, and her business had been cut by 50% due to COVID-19. Additionally, she was only getting 2-3 spa appointments a week. We got that for her in a single day and her calendar was about to get really busy!

This was just the beginning because over the next week, she would continue to see numbers like this. Prospects began to fill up on her CRM, both self-booked and form submissions with the full details of the lead. 

Let’s break down the entire process we used and how you can utilize it for your spa or aesthetics practice.


We love to work with medspas and the aesthetics space because we have cracked the code to creating successful campaigns. The campaigns also work very well on social media platforms which has some of the best targeting when getting new leads into your medspa business. Our business works specifically with medspas, estheticians and PMUs to get more appointments into their services. We can work with sculpting, microneedling, microblading, lasers, facials, chemical peels, and many other cosmetic services.

We used our Medspa Growth Factor process to set her up. This incorporates:

  • Spa Facebook Advertisement
  • Spa Facebook Copy and Creative Images that have been tested and we know work
  • A specific offer that resonates well with her audience and portrays the service in an “irresistable” way
  • Spa landing pages built specifically for conversion and capturing each visitor
  • Spa conversion tracking and high-tech screen recording software to understand the exact behavior of each visitor
  • Customized Spa Re-Marketing Campaign  to recapture any spa leads that never self-booked

Each of these strategies were used to get our client 130 leads and 40 self-booked appointments in the first 30 days. Our client was open to offering a 25% discount on her spa service so that she can get people’s feet through the door. The goal was to get her more busy, obtain some upfront revenue, and get clients to “stick” for long-term so she can get the most value out of each visitor. 

Using Facebook advertising to do general targeting in her area as well as interest based targeting, we were able to quickly get in front of her ideal client. The images and creatives we use are proven to “catch your eye” so scrollers stop and take a look at the offer. 

The offer was also pretty “irresistable”, and was a great deal for anyone looking to take advantage of the spa service.

Once the user clicked on the ad, they were taken to the spa landing page built for high conversion. We used specific colors, verbiage, image placement, and psychology to yield the highest chance that a lead will input their information. We also use sophisticated tracking software to record the actual user when they visit the page. This allows us to test for any potential confusion on the landing page, see which parts users interact with, and ultimately make the adjustments so that we can increase conversion. We increased spa appointment conversions by 10% from these tactics and technology.

On the landing page we also made sure to briefly describe the services, built social proof, and use colors that “popped” when we wanted the user to take an action like clicking  a button. This allowed for the user to not get confused, keep their attention “flowing” with minimal friction, and guide them to input their information for the offer.

Finally after booking, we redirected the user’s to a booking page. On this page, the spa service was clearly visible with obvious actions for the user to take to book a spa appointment. Of course, this is where we lost some of the visitors, which is why we captured their information on the page beforehand. Each user that got to the booking page but never booked was placed into our CRM and automatically texted with the offer code and a link to book. If the users were confused, they could text the number and our client will text back or call them to book them manually.


  • 132 Spa Leads in 30 Days
  • 42 Self-Bookings (31% self-booked)
  • $5.70 / lead

Our Medspa Growth Factor process got our client so many leads, we almost shut down the ads! It also gave her clients a great deal and service they will come back to. If your a medspa, esthetician, PMU artist or cosmetic business owner, check out our Growth Factor Agency process.


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