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Medspa Facebook Ads vs Google Ads

In this blog we will discuss the benefits, the downsides, and ultimately which makes the most sense for your business when choosing between medspa Facebook Ads vs Google Ads. To preface this, we use Facebook and Instagram ads for our medspa clients and PMU clients.

Google Ads for Medspa Marketing

Why would someone want to use Google Ads for Medspa Marketing? Since understanding your client’s avatar and mindset is an important puzzle piece to excellent marketing, let’s start here…

Mindset Behind Your Customer Using Google

Before jumping into the medspa and cosmetic industry for Google Ads, lets take a step into the shoes of someone who would use google to find a service. The best example I like to use is an emergency service (since these services get amazing ROI when it comes to Google Ads).

Emergency service contractors love places like Florida and Texas during hail and hurricane season. So much so, I’ve talk to contractors who move down from all over the country to live there during these crucial months.


The reason? When someone’s roof has holes in it, or it gets blown off from the Atlantic winds, the first thing they are going to do is get on their phone and call the nearest roofer/plumber/contractor to fix their problem! They are in a “proactive buying state”, with “high buyer intent”, where they are proactively and urgently seeking a service, and the #1 tool for finding someone immediately is Google, making up the majority of searches, with Bing Search Engine in a faraway 2nd place (but still worth mentioning).

Google Ads Medspa Leads Example

This is the downfall for other marketing platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. These platforms rely on “disruptive” marketing where you are scrolling through your feed for entertainment, mindlessly going about, when all of a sudden an ad “disrupts” you while scrolling. In this case, there is no URGENCY behind your activity. You’re not consciously or proactively searching for these ads and services as they pop up. I don’t think someone with a huge hole in their roof is going to say “well, let me just browse Facebook until I come across an ad for roofing” while they have gallons of water leaking through their house!


Conversely, some services and products do even better than Google on these platforms. Have you ever scrolled through your news feed and found clothes or gadgets that you just HAD to buy? Facebook and Instagram are really good at creating algorithms based on our behaviors patterns, showing us content and ads they know we will “bite” on.

Medspa and PMU Marketing on Google

We now understand the mindset behind an “active buyer” on Google, with the most extreme case being a buyer looking for an emergency service. But what about other services that are less urgent, like Medspa services or PMU services?

Let’s first note that at the core of lead generation, getting a result is the consequence of getting in front of people. Whether that is a billboard, newspaper, postcard, internet, or commercial. Wherever you post your ad, as long as it has many eyes viewing it, you’ll likely get a result at some point. What we are really looking for though, is hitting KPIs and getting the most BANG for our BUCK. This is where choosing the right platform can greatly decrease your medspa lead cost and increase your medspa lead quality.

Google users have the highest “buyer intent”. These people are actively looking for a medspa, it’s just a matter of which one. They don’t need to be convinced as much as people on Facebook who are being disrupted by our ads. These “ready to buy” Google leads don’t need to be persuaded as much as Facebook leads. Since this is the case, medspa Google leads will typically be more expensive than Facebook and Instagram medspa leads. You may get less volume from Google, but you’re paying for higher-quality medspa leads that are actively looking for your medspa services.


While working with Google Ads, keeping your businesses’ credibility in mind is important as well. If you are a bit more established and have good reviews, Google Ads will be beneficial as your prospects will look at your company while searching. Before and after case-studies, call-to-action buttons, and a modern website helps increase your conversion rate for medspa leads when they visit your website too.

Medspa & PMU Marketing on Facebook and Instagram

Conversely to emergency services on Facebook, some products like clothing, cosmetics, and visually aesthetic services do quite well on Facebook. These are products and services that you don’t urgently need, but would be a nice thing to have. Maybe it’s a new perfume that attracts the opposite sex, maybe it’s this season’s new makeup line, maybe it’s a new shower gel that makes your hair smell like lavender, or maybe it’s a new procedure that removes hair from your legs for good. Whatever it is, these products are addicting, and we naturally want to know more about them.


If we take a look at some of the features that Facebook advertising has for your medspa leads, we can see options like targeting. Though Google has targeting and retargeting options, Facebook’s algorithm is much more advanced than Googles because they have tons of behavioral data for every profile. Have you ever had a conversation or thought about a product, and next thing you know its on your Facebook or Instagram feed? This is because Facebook knows exactly the types of products you like and will show ads specific to your wants based on past behavior and other data (that may not be as private as we think on our phones and laptops).


Regardless of Zuckerberg and his evil plot to take over the world through our data, we can utilize this beneficial platform to our advantage. Using this data, we can hyper-target an ideal audience with amazing accuracy. Demographics, interests, and location targeting help us tremendously here.


Facebook and Instagram are very visual platforms as well. This means, anything that is aesthetically pleasing and “pops” will typically do well. Since we are working in the medpsa, aesthetics, and PMU space, these services and procedures work exceptionally well. People want to see results and beautiful transformations, which is a MAJOR advantage why Facebook and Instagram ads for medspas and cosmetics works especially well here. From our campaigns, we have generated more leads and appointments for medspas, PMUs and aestheticians at a cheaper cost than any other niche we have worked in.

Platform Specific Audiences

Understanding your audience is key to your marketing efforts. Where do they hang out? What are they interested in? How old are they? What are their pains?


Now that Facebook and Instagram have been around for some time, and looking at the demographic on Facebook and Instagram, we can see some patterns:

Facebook is the most popular social network in the United States and as of April 2021, 54.2 percent of U.S. Facebook audiences were female, and 45.8 percent of users were male. The social network had a combined 258 million monthly active users in the United States and Canada as of the fourth quarter of 2020. Source:

We are starting to see more and more millennials who are tech savvy, using Facebook and Instagram predominantly. As they continue to move into their 30s and 40s, these age groups are the most likely to get services from medspas, PMUs and aestheticians. This is another reason why these social media platforms are powerful.


It’s worth mentioning other platforms like Snapchat and TikTok when it comes to medspa and cosmetic advertising. These platforms harbor a younger demographic and have a lot of potential for aesthetic products and services.


There truly is not one platform that is better than the other. Both have their perks. Based on our experience though, we recommend going with Facebook and Instagram at first. Here’s why…

We have found that Facebook and Instagram leads are a lot cheaper and more affordable. Compared to Google, you will generally have to compete with some of the biggest players who have deeper pockets and can easily outbid smaller business or new business owners. With Facebook and Instagram, though the buyer intent is lower, you can still get lots of eyes on your ads for a cheaper price while avoiding Google’s expensive bidding war.


As far as targeting goes, Facebook is king. This allows more margin for error and the algorithm can easily optimize itself to target your ideal client with little data combidined with proper tracking.  


Facebook and Instagram work especially well for the medspa and aesthetics space because it is a visually appealing and “sexy” industry. Videos and images go a long way and contribute to getting extremely cheap leads compared to a Google Ad. When coupled with an awesome landing page to increase friction and weed out the “tire-kickers”, nurturing campaigns, and follow-up, Facebook will have a better cost per acquisition than Google most the time.

Another advantage with social media platforms advertising for the medspas and aesthetics is that so many new procedures come out all the time, it’s hard to keep track of them! Most people don’t even know the names of these procedures and can’t even look them up on Google. They don’t know what they don’t know, and Facebook is an awesome platform to educate your buyers with videos and ad copy. With Facebook and Instagram, you can create massive awareness and demand for new procedures that people don’t even know exist yet!

Our opinion? At the end of the day stick with Facebook and Instagram especially if your are a new medspa, PMU or aesthetician. If you have a large marketing budget and want to diversify, put a percentage into Google as well. There may be specific keywords for new services that you can get a low bid for on Google. These keywords are worth testing if bigger companies are not advertising for those services.


Our Medspa Growth Factor system uses Facebook and Instagram and we have proven ads and copy that works. If your a medspa, aesthetician, PMU artist or cosmetic business owner, check out our Growth Factor Agency process.

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How This Spa Got 130 Leads In 30 Days (On A Low Budget) Wed, 17 Mar 2021 23:54:02 +0000 How This Spa Got 130 Leads In 30 Days (On A Low Budget) Read More »



You read that correctly – this spa got 130 leads in 30 days on a low budget! These are the kind of numbers that are game changing for any business


The word “leads” can mean many things. Leads can be anything from a Facebook Lead Ad that autofills your details for name address and phone number, or it can be a full 10 questions survey submission. The form submission leads would be a much higher quality lead due to going through a lot of friction. The spa leads we generated for this client here were leads submitted through a form on a separate landing page to claim a voucher.

Within 24 hours of launching this spas campaign, they got 10 leads and 3 bookings

The client was in shock at how quickly and successfully we generated leads. We were generating these spa leads during the pandemic, and her business had been cut by 50% due to COVID-19. Additionally, she was only getting 2-3 spa appointments a week. We got that for her in a single day and her calendar was about to get really busy!

This was just the beginning because over the next week, she would continue to see numbers like this. Prospects began to fill up on her CRM, both self-booked and form submissions with the full details of the lead. 

Let’s break down the entire process we used and how you can utilize it for your spa or aesthetics practice.


We love to work with medspas and the aesthetics space because we have cracked the code to creating successful campaigns. The campaigns also work very well on social media platforms which has some of the best targeting when getting new leads into your medspa business. Our business works specifically with medspas, estheticians and PMUs to get more appointments into their services. We can work with sculpting, microneedling, microblading, lasers, facials, chemical peels, and many other cosmetic services.

We used our Medspa Growth Factor process to set her up. This incorporates:

  • Spa Facebook Advertisement
  • Spa Facebook Copy and Creative Images that have been tested and we know work
  • A specific offer that resonates well with her audience and portrays the service in an “irresistable” way
  • Spa landing pages built specifically for conversion and capturing each visitor
  • Spa conversion tracking and high-tech screen recording software to understand the exact behavior of each visitor
  • Customized Spa Re-Marketing Campaign  to recapture any spa leads that never self-booked

Each of these strategies were used to get our client 130 leads and 40 self-booked appointments in the first 30 days. Our client was open to offering a 25% discount on her spa service so that she can get people’s feet through the door. The goal was to get her more busy, obtain some upfront revenue, and get clients to “stick” for long-term so she can get the most value out of each visitor. 

Using Facebook advertising to do general targeting in her area as well as interest based targeting, we were able to quickly get in front of her ideal client. The images and creatives we use are proven to “catch your eye” so scrollers stop and take a look at the offer. 

The offer was also pretty “irresistable”, and was a great deal for anyone looking to take advantage of the spa service.

Once the user clicked on the ad, they were taken to the spa landing page built for high conversion. We used specific colors, verbiage, image placement, and psychology to yield the highest chance that a lead will input their information. We also use sophisticated tracking software to record the actual user when they visit the page. This allows us to test for any potential confusion on the landing page, see which parts users interact with, and ultimately make the adjustments so that we can increase conversion. We increased spa appointment conversions by 10% from these tactics and technology.

On the landing page we also made sure to briefly describe the services, built social proof, and use colors that “popped” when we wanted the user to take an action like clicking  a button. This allowed for the user to not get confused, keep their attention “flowing” with minimal friction, and guide them to input their information for the offer.

Finally after booking, we redirected the user’s to a booking page. On this page, the spa service was clearly visible with obvious actions for the user to take to book a spa appointment. Of course, this is where we lost some of the visitors, which is why we captured their information on the page beforehand. Each user that got to the booking page but never booked was placed into our CRM and automatically texted with the offer code and a link to book. If the users were confused, they could text the number and our client will text back or call them to book them manually.


  • 132 Spa Leads in 30 Days
  • 42 Self-Bookings (31% self-booked)
  • $5.70 / lead

Our Medspa Growth Factor process got our client so many leads, we almost shut down the ads! It also gave her clients a great deal and service they will come back to. If your a medspa, esthetician, PMU artist or cosmetic business owner, check out our Growth Factor Agency process.

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How To Grow Your Medspa Business During a Pandemic Wed, 10 Mar 2021 23:28:05 +0000 How To Grow Your Medspa Business During a Pandemic Read More »



This past year, we have seen thousands of small business’ close up. But, we also saw many business’ remain and some even thrive more than they have before the pandemic. What is the factor that separates a business that grows during a pandemic and one that declines? 


In the wild, there is a theory called “survival of the fittest”. The theory states that “animals best adjusted to their environment are the most successful in surviving”. In business, this can be taken a step further to say “business’ most adaptable and quick to innovate are most successful in surviving”. 


During the pandemic, the whole country was either locked down, or had their business capacity reduced to barely survivable numbers. The public was afraid to go out, which decreased the business numbers even more. How then, could we possibly maintain, or even just survive this time? 

No one knows how long a shutdown or decreased capacity will last and that can be scary. As a business owner myself, I always know roughly how long my savings can last if I simply stopped working completely. Many business owners only knew that if things continued the way they were, their medspa will fail eventually. They knew SOMETHING had to change.


Whenever we as business owners make a change, there is always a degree of risk. CEOs, CFOs, and any C-level position, lives here constantly. As a business owner, you have to be comfortable with CHANGE, comfortable with RISK, and comfortable with UNCERTAINTY daily. During the most stressful times like the beginning of the pandemic, these decision making skills are even more important than they normally are.

Most business’ will not change however, and will continue to live comfortably, but this always leads to stagnation and ultimately decline. On the flip side, business’ that begin to make changes start to see growth and sometimes at an exponential rate! Business’ that never changed die out, and the market becomes less competitive. Their clientele gets taken over by the business’ that decided to change and grow. Also, these adaptable business owners have innovated ways to make additional revenue which will continue after the lockdowns.


I have talked to close to 1000 business owners, and I have seen some nearly go out of business, some maintain, and some even thrive during this time. Here are some practical ideas to actually grow your medspa during a pandemic or crisis.


If there is any industry that has had the exact opposite to a decline, it would have to be the digital marketing and online space. Now more than ever, medspas, estheticians, doctors, and other industries are investing in a digital marketing strategy. Here’s why:

  1. They are able to get in front of their ideal clients. These are people who are  actively looking for their services
  2. People are on their phones and screens now more than ever, making digital the best medium for getting in front of people
  3. Interest based targeting is much more cost-effective than print advertising 
  4. Virtual booking saves time 
  5. Developing email lists and databases provide you a gold mine of opportunity for future remarketing
  6. Its virtually auto-pilot and runs in the background 24/7
  7. No limits to capacity and can help you scale easily

One major difference I noticed between medspas that are thriving and those that are declining during the pandemic is that the ones that are surviving had a digital marketing strategy before the pandemic and continue to have one during the pandemic. 

A healthy marketing strategy backed by real data overtime allows your medspa business to consistently predict the number of clients you’ll receive each month. It also allows you to understand your numbers and scale accordingly. The formula is simple: Increase your adspend and you will increase your medspa clients for that month.

The medspas that are declining usually have the same thing in common — they rely on referrals, word of mouth, and non-strategic posts. Consequently, they lack a proactive marketing strategy. What do I mean by proactive?


A proactive strategy is a strategy that actively gets in front of your ideal clients. This can be done through media buying on different platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Google. It can also mean doing SEO for your medspa business to make sure you are as visible as possible. This way, you are actively either improving your search ranking or showing up on your ideal client’s social media. 

Branding can be powerful too, but can take a long time to establish yourself. During a time of crisis, we generally don’t have the luxury of time, and have to come up with a proactive marketing strategy that will get your medspa results quickly. Below is a list of strategies that fall into this category:

  1. Hire a digital marketing company to do lead generation for you or do it yourself 
  2. Do client interviews, testimonials, and reviews. Post these on your social media platforms and increase your ranking
  3. Actively do outreach to your ideal clients on different social media platforms
  4. Join Facebook groups or create your own where you can give value, act as an authority, and brand your name in the industry
  5. Record Live with the client’s you do have when performing your next treatment
  6. Develop a compelling offer that fits your ideal client’s needs at the time

Develop a New Service For Your Medspa

When I talked to medspa owners who were thriving, they had a mobile service for their medspa  clients. This may not be possible if you rely on large machines, but some medspas that were doing injectables, facials, spa treatments and some non-invasive lasers are staying busy. During these times, creativity and innovation are your best friend. You can have your consultations on Zoom to minimize contact and wasted time. You can also monetize these consultations and increase your pricing for traveling to the client as a luxury. Times like these call for “out-of-the-box” thinking and innovation. 

Zoom Consultations For Your Medspa

To minimize exposure and get around the capacity issues, you can have consultations via zoom with your clients. This can save you time instead of having all your clients come in and you can even charge a fee for your consults.

Open Up An Ecommerce Store For Your Medspa Clients

Another great way to innovate is to open an e-commerce store to sell products. Let your clients know about your store with an email marketing campaign or text message. You can offer discounts for existing clients and even start subscriptions to these services for stable recurring revenue. A great website to easily setup a store without programming knowledge is

Recently, I’ve seen many FDA approved inventions that allow for self-treatments. Laser-hair removal devices, hair-growth stimulating devices, skin care products, lip care products and so much more. Consider partnering with these companies to get their products in your store during these times. 

Sell Giftcards to Your Medspa

Another great way to continue to have cash flow is selling gift card. The gift cards can be used to purchase any of your products or services. Having gift cards gives your clients a reason to still spend on current or future treatments . Make sure to have policies in place for expiration and validity of use.

Start Teaching Classes & Develop A Course For Your Medspa Services

I’ve talked to many estheticians, medspa owners, and PMUs that train newcomers and students how to do treatments and procedures. These classes are extremely lucrative and can act as another revenue stream for your business. These generally occur in smaller capacity. 

If your treatment can be taught through an online course, consider developing one here too. Online courses and coaching are HOT these days, with many being sold for thousands. From here, you can develop groups and establish yourself as an authority within the space. A great website for creating courses without needing programming knowledge is

Create Educational Content For Medspa Email Marketing

Do you have clients that are curious about your services and treatments? Consider developing an ebook or short informational guide about your treatments to educate your clients. If you have an email list, this can be especially helpful and move you into a more authoritative position in the space. Educational marketing is one of the best ways to plant seeds and get “looky-loo” prospects into “hot” leads and clients in the future.

Sell Operating Procedures For Other Medspas In the Space

If you have been operating your medspa or have experience operating a business, consider being a consultant for new owners in the space. Similar to teaching a class or developing a course, you can sell the procedures, outlines, and documents to other medspas, esthis, or PMUs. 

Look at Your Medspa's Expense Sheet

Look at your last month’s expense sheets. Are there any extra fees you are still paying for that are not relevant to your current situation? Software fees, overhead fees, subscriptions to vendors, etc. Unnecessary purchases can add up fast.

During the early stages of my business, I was trying to save as much money as I could! Before making a purchase or subscribing to some software I would ask myself, “Can I do this myself?” If the answer was “No”, my next question was, “Is there a free version to do this?”. There would usually be an option that would get everything I needed done. Try to go back to this mindset when removing unnecessary expenses from your medspa business.

If you have a contract or lease with vendors for expensive machines, see if you can ask for a 60-90 day extension. Many vendors are understanding of the current situation and are willing to extend payment if needed. Even some credit card companies are giving extensions on payments up to 120 days without penalty.


Due to these restrictive times, going virtual is truly the best option when saving your medspa during the pandemic. 

Stay healthy and safe, and if you need help implementing any of these strategies, you can contact us here.

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12 Strategies to Medspa Marketing Success Thu, 04 Mar 2021 23:56:46 +0000 12 Strategies to Medspa Marketing Success Read More »



There are many medspa marketing strategies that go into an aesthetics or medspa practice. Here we laid out 12 medspa marketing strategies that you can use to start generating medspa leads and appointments today.


Medspa marketing strategy #1 is SEO. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it is a process of improving your website so that is shows up more in the search rankings. If you ever searched “top medspa in phoenix” or any city for that matter, you will see the highest ranking medspa websites are on the 1st page of google. Have you ever wondered how they got there? 

Google uses an algorithm that sifts through every website on the internet. Based on the keyword you search (“top medspa in [city name]”), Google is able to find the most relevant website to that phrase. Then, Google orders each website based on reputation, credibility, and quality. 

There is a lot of discussion on how exactly this algorithm works.  An extremely simplified way to explain this, Google ranks based on:

  1. The search term’s intent relevant to your website’s information
  2. Quality and depth of content on you website pertaining to the keyword searched
  3. How many other high-quality websites and directories are linking back to your website
  4. Website structure, semantics, and speed of the website
  5. Time. Usually takes 3-6+ months to see results, but can take sooner for local areas
There are tons of resources and tools online to test your website’s rankings and you should ask your web designer or SEO to see where your website currently stands. We actually give free SEO Audits for your medspa to see where your website is currently at.


It’s true when they say “content is king”. Now more than ever, high-quality content has become one of the most important aspects to a business in a post-trust era.

Content marketing for your medspa can take several forms:

  1. Blog Articles
  2. Facebook/Instagram/LinkedIn Organic Posts
  3. PR and Guest Blogs
  4. Podcasts
  5. Videos (Self video, Interviews, Stories)
  6. Group Calls (Coaching, Q&A, Going Live)

There are so many diverse ways to create content, the possibilities are really endless. Now, you don’t have to do all of these things, but the KEY here is to be CONSISTENT in your approach. Try to do a challenge and post 1x / day. Also note, your content on one platform like Facebook, can be reused on another platform, etc.

The more you post, the more eyes you get in front of. This can sort of give you a “celebrity effect” where everyone feels like they know you, making your interactions a lot warmer and giving you more authority.



This step is similar to strategy #2 but we’ll go a bit more in depth here. Some social media platforms are better than others depending on your industry. In the case of Medspas, we see the best results from more visual platforms like Facebook and Instagram. The most important thing to note here is know your audience and where they hang out. Below we will briefly go over the different types of social media platforms that work well with generating medspa leads.

Medspa Facebook Marketing

Facebook is an amazing social media platform to market your medspa. We help our medspa clients get leads through Facebook and Instagram mostly. The most important thing here is understand the audience on this platform your creating content and marketing to.

Within Facebook, you can create medspa Facebook ads to get directly in front of your target audience. Facebook ads are a great way to promote a specific offer and quickly get in front of your ideal client without waiting for SEO. Typically, the crowd on Facebook is older than Instagram. 


Medspa Instagram Marketing

Owned by Facebook, Instagram is part of the Facebook ecosystem. Focusing mostly on the image aspect, anything you post here should be highly visual. Good ideas for medspa Instagram marketing are:

  1. Before and after photos of your clients
  2. Seasonal promotions
  3. Any new technology/machines and their benefits
  4.  Stories showing your personal life instead of just business

Medspa YouTube Marketing

Currently, YouTube is a “blue ocean” when its to marketing most industries and that’s what makes it so powerful. Especially in the cosmetic space, people are always looking to educate themselves on the newest treatments, cosmetics, and technology. While people are in an educational mindset watching videos, they are more likely to resonate with your medspa’s educational content on the latest machine, treatment,  or product. Additionally, they are actively searching for answers and treatments by searching, making them “hotter” leads as opposed to disruptive marketing platforms like Facebook and Instagram. 

While most business’ advertise on Facebook, Instagram and Google; YouTube is an underused platform and less competitive. This is because YouTube is a less familiar platform than the others, and you have to do a bit more work creating videos instead of just images. The work is worth the payoff though, and an increasing number of medspas are using YouTube to get high-quality leads for cheap.


Medspa Snapchat Marketing

If you have a Snapchat, it can be a good idea utilize. Though we don’t work directly with Snapchat ads at the moment, it can be another powerful platform to help your medspa grow. Again, the key here is to know your audience and where they hang out. Snapchat is a highly visual, quick, “snappy” social media platform. It can be a powerful tool to post new or reused content onto your story. It is an even younger demographic than Instagram generally speaking. 

That being said, younger and younger men and women are getting medspa and aesthetics treatment. Snapchat is less competitive and is definitely a viable strategy. Understand what types of treatments resonate better here (PMAs can do very well here).



Your medspa and aesthetics reputation can make or break your business. Making sure your reviews are exceptional is critical when your future client is choosing where to go for their next treatment.

Medspa Google Reviews

These are the reviews that pop up when someone searches in your local area. Make sure you are on these listings so that your client’s can leave reviews and you can start climbing the charts. It might be difficult to get to the first page, but you can definitely show up on the listings page without paying thousands for SEO. This is free, organic traffic and the main deciding factor for if your lead chooses you or your competition is their positive reviews.

12 Medspa Marketing Strategies Google Map

Medspa Yelp Reviews

Another great place to make sure your medspa is listed is Yelp. Yelp is one of the first links to pop-up when looking up local business’, so being on Yelp essentially gives you “pseudo” first page results.

How to Deal With Bad Medspa Reviews

In most business’, bad reviews are inevitable. Even if you have a perfect 5-star review, its hardly believable. When you get a bad apple client that leaves a bad review, here are a few ways to mitigate the damage: 

  1.  Respond to the review. This shows that your empathetic and understanding to their situation. You took the time out to answer them and also you have a chance to  explain your side to their review
  2. Flood the bad review out with great reviews
  3. Reach out to the customer to change if it makes sense – offer refunds, gift-cards, etc


Building and growing a community for your clients is an awesome marketing strategy to help you showcase your work, educate, and build relationships. Community, coaching, and groups have become increasingly popular on social media platforms for several reasons:

  1.  Trust and credibility are becoming increasingly more sought out for in the “post-trust” era of the internet
  2. Education and Q&A work really well to get in front of large audiences interested in the same question
  3. Community and helping others are basic human needs and groups serve as a place for this
The trick here is to utilize your group to get in front of your audience and be seen as an authority. If you create a medspa facebook group for coolsculpting, you automatically will have authority. 

Creating Your Own Medspa Facebook Group

Creating your own group is an awesome way to build authority, answer any questions, and offer support to people. 

For instance, you can create a group and set questions that require an email to join. Now you can build an email list for email marketing. Once they are in the group, you now have a lot more authority. You can also answer any questions, show case studies, talk about new treatments, and answer any questions all in one place. The possibilities are really endless and you can get really creative. Ultimately, you want to convert these people into clients which you can do with offers, email’s, polls, and 2-Steps.

Joining Other Medpsa Facebook Groups

You can also join other communities that are a mix of owners and clients. Joining popular Facebook communities and groups for your specific treatments gives you an opportunity to answer any questions. This raises your authority and also gives you an opportunity to connect with other medspa owners. This opens up the possibility for podcasts, interviews, and other strategic medspa content creations!


Another simple, yet effective medspa marketing strategy is offering referral credits to your existing clients. Whether your a new medspa or your medspa has been around for a while, you can offer this to new and existing clients. Jumpstart your clients to start talking to friends and start taking advantage of your offer

For example, maybe you do 1$ off every Unit of Botox for each referral, or 10% discount off your next sculpting visit. Get creative and craft this offer based on your own services.


An excellent marketing strategy to retain clients for the long-term and increase customer lifetime value is implementing a monthly medspa membership program.

For example, say a client comes into their typical treatment. You know this client gets a facial every 3 months and spends $150.00 each time. If you offered this client a membership for $99/month that offers 1 free mini-facial and 10% off all other services and products each month, you now just increased the value of that client by almost 2x. Also, you increased the chances of up-selling them on your other medspa products and services.


This may seem like an obvious one, but you will be surprised at how many medspa owners I talk to who don’t implement a CRM or database! Now, the reason for this is not only to track your clients and data, but also to create a medspa remarketing campaign.

Do you have thousands of clients just “sitting” in your database? Old clients who never came back? Interested clients who never bought? 

Well if you do, your essentially sitting on a gold mine! This is a huge asset, and you can use email or medspa text reactivation campaigns to turn your “old and stale” leads into buying customers. Got a new holiday special? Send out an email or text blast to these medspa clients and just watch the money pour in without spending a penny on ads! We have the systems and medspa-specific campaigns to do all of this for you.


Utilizing a prepay to ensure your medspa clients show up to their appointment has become an essential marketing technique. One of the biggest challenges medspa owners and aestheticians face is having no-shows. One way to combat this is creating a pre-pay based on either a default fee or percentage of the treatment. This not only saves you some money for your time, but it also weeds out the “looky-loos” from the truly serious buyers. You might lose some business, but they were most likely not going to buy anyway. 


Remember that medspa database we talked about in step #8? Well now its time to utilize this!

They say it takes about 7-10 “touch points” before we actually purchase something. A touchpoint is a point of contact, nudge, reminder, follow-up etc. Anything that gets your medspa business in front of your prospect’s face so you are top of mind for a few seconds. 

Email marketing is a great way to stay top-of-mind to your clients. The keys here are:  

  1. Try to stay away from “spammy” emails by offering  treatment discounts during an appropriate time (think seasonal)
  2. Try to give value (information, case studies, support, content)
  3. Be consistent

One of the best email marketers I know sends 1-2 emails a day and I have been getting that for the past 6 months! 

I don’t think you need to be that crazy with it, but you bet if I ever buy a course on the subject he promotes, I am going to buy from him! 


If email marketing is great, medspa text marketing is literally 5x better!

Thats right! The average open rate for emails is between 15-20%. The average open rate for text messages is >90%!

As we continue to move more and more into the information age, one thing remains constant, and that is SPEED. We want everything right now. Text messages are so quick and easy to look at, and we are only 1 button click away from opening a text. Whether its healthy or not, our phones constantly have red notification symbols that appear if we don’t open it, prompting us to respond and take action.

We have see an incredible increase in response rate while using text instead of email, and it has already become the standard way to chat with service professionals. Try sending a text message blast to your database on your next medspa marketing campaign.


For our final, and probably most important strategy, we put getting testimonials from your medspa clients. 

One of Robert Cialdini’s influencing principles is social proof. We can say all we want about our medspa, but until your prospect sees what other’s have said about your medspa, they will not give your words much weight.  Getting medspa testimonials is one way to fix that. Testimonials not only improves your credibility, but influences your prospect to go to your medspa over the competitors. 

Client interviews are another great way to promote your medspa’s credibility and work. It can be difficult to get client’s to do interviews sometimes, but this is one of the most powerful ways help your medspa gain more trust and acquire more leads. Some examples can be before and after interviews or just a general interview about your client’s experience being treated by your medspa.


These are a few strategies we use for our clients. We practice what we preach and use these same methods for ourselves too. If you start implementing any of these 12 strategies towards your medspa’s marketing, you’ll start to see better results.

If you need help implementing any of these strategies, you can contact us.

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Quality Medspa Leads that Convert into High-Ticket Patients Wed, 03 Mar 2021 15:14:26 +0000 Quality Medspa Leads that Convert into High-Ticket Patients Read More »



One of the biggest challenges that medspa owners face when starting their business is generating highquality medspa leads that convert into high-ticket patients. It can be tough to grow your aesthetics business if you do not have an organic method to do this consistently and predictably, and leads to medspa owners constantly riding that “revenue roller coaster”, not knowing if your going to get 10 clients this month, or 2 clients the next. This is a common problem in any industry.

But even if we do get medspa leads, it still has to be the right kind, right? Truthfully, anyone can put an offer on Groupon, heavily discounting their services, or post a medspa facebook lead ad and get tons of leads. These leads though are generally not the best quality – leading to “one-off” clients, and “no-shows”. 

There are two main ways to increase your medspa’s lead quality:

  1. Create an offer that is compelling but doesn’t devalue your business
  2. Create friction in your medspa funnel
While there are tons of ways to get leads, we are mostly going to focus on getting high-quality medspa leads through social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.



While you can get medspa leads from different sources, not all sources are created equal!

Generally your highest quality medspa leads are going to be from Google – due to the fact that someone is urgently looking for a solution to their problem. Think of the last time you had a leak or a clog and had to call a plumber…It would be pretty dumb to scroll through social media until you found a plumber ad to fix the problem. Google works especially well for these type of emergency services.

But being in the aesthetics space, there usually isn’t an emergency need. This is one of the many reasons why medspas and estheticians can do especially well on social media as compared to Google from a price per lead point of view. It’s also a very visual platform, and the highest percentage demographic that goes to medspas hangs out on Facebook/Instagram. 



Offer To Obtain High Quality Medspa Leads

It’s all about finding the right balance here – on one hand, we need to have an offer that is compelling, otherwise there’s no reason for our prospect to take action. On the other hand, we don’t want to bring in clients that just want to take advantage of our offer and our business. I am not going to go into offer creation here but some ideas here are:

  • Seasonal/Holiday Discounts
  • Challenges
  • Something FREE

“Creating an offer that is both compelling but doesn’t devalue your business is the key here. Keep this in mind when developing your Facebook or Instagram medspa ad.” 

By creating an offer that doesn’t devalue your service (anything >50% discount is usually a red flag) you weed out the people that are only looking for a good deal. Let them use their Groupon’s somewhere else!



When creating  your funnel or ad, you need to be sure there is some friction throughout the process. More friction means a higher-quality lead, but also less leads.

Friction decreases the quality of your meds


Friction – the force that resists relative motion between two bodies in contact (Merriam Website Dictionary)


Here is a quick example of friction…

Have you every had a survey pop-up offering you $10 to complete it? The offer seemed compelling, $10 for 2 minutes of my time? Why not? There’s 10% of my daily Amazon shopping money…

You go through 1 question, then 2, then 3, then 4, until…. 

50 questions in and 20 minutes pass…

You came in as an object moving full speed towards that $10 giveaway, then each question was a tiny bit of resistance towards that $10. After about 50 questions, you have slown down so much that you didn’t even finish the survey and lost 20 minutes of your time. Maybe .1% will actually complete the survey and get their payout.

Now that is an extreme example, but the same point goes for your posts and ads.



Your funnel needs to have enough friction to weed out the prospects “looking for a quick deal” but compelling enough to get higher-quality, more interested prospects through to give you their information. There is an art and psychology behind building an awesome landing page, and some awesome resources online for this. I really like these gym landing page examples. Gyms and medspas have a lot of similarities between their offers and challenges, and these gym landing pages can be tailored to your offer or service.  


Medspa facebook lead ads are a quick way to get tons of leads. The problem is that these leads tend to be “lower quality” and have to be nurtured a lot more, are unresponsive, and ultimately take more time. They have their time and place though when it comes to collecting data on your ideal client and testing the market in the beginning. But, if your looking for high-quality medspa leads for the long term, that convert into actual medspa APPOINTMENTS and sales consultations, try to move away from aesthetic lead ads sooner rather than later. 


If your having trouble generating leads for your medspa or aesthetics practice, I would take a look at your current offer. 

If your lead quality is low and your getting a ton of volume but not a lot of appointments, I would look at your funnel’s friction or tell your marketing team to inspect this.

To summarize your medspa landing pages should:

  • Make sure the page is simple: KISS (keep it simple stupid)
  • Make sure the form is visible on the page load and one of the first things the prospect sees
  • Colors can make a huge difference
and you should avoid Facebook lead ads because:
  • Lead ads have virtually no friction – users just click and Facebook autofills their details into the ad
  • Due to this, the quality of the leads go down tremendously
  • Tends to need more nurturing and time dedicated to each lead for follow-up and reschedules
  • High volume – low quality
If you have any questions or need help with growing your medspa business, feel free to contact us here and schedule a free consultation.
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